Job Opportunities for Professionals in Germany


Germany is regarded as the third world power in the economy and first in Europe. In large part due to the diversity of its industrial sector. Making means of transport, electrical and electronic equipment, processed food, plastics and chemicals are just some of the sectors that make the German economy which is one of the strongest in the world.

Because it has a sustainable economy, the living standards of German is considered one of the best in worldwide. Most professionals working in Germany earn fair wages that enable them to lead a proper life.

In this article will talk about professional salaries in Germany. We’ll see what the best paid professions and some figures that will give us more light on average earnings has a professional working in the country.

As mentioned in above lines, manufacturing of vehicles (mainly automobiles) is one of the sectors with the greatest demand in Germany. Professionals working in this industry earn entity 3700 and 4000 euros per month. This average also depend on professional work experience in Germany as highly valued the experience rather than academic degrees or titles.

On this last point about work experience, we say that a professional with over 4 years of work experience earn about 35% more than a professional who has only one year of experience. This average is based on annual revenue.

Professionals working in the technology and industrial sectors also receive salaries that allow them to live comfortably. Professionals and senior technicians working in the development of production machines and construction machinery, hold salaries between 3000-3500 euros per month. If it is brought from foreign professionals then the sum will increase to 20% more.

In the case of health professionals such as doctors, dentists, surgeons, etc., they may receive fees averaging 2800-3500 euros per month. Health technicians and nurses, geriatricians, physiotherapists samples and analysts can earn salaries between 2200 and 2500 euros per month.
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Because there is a great demand for nurses and geriatricians, there are many vacancies that can be filled by foreign professionals who should have the minimally an intermediate level of German in order to obtain employment.
The IT professionals and software engineers are required in almost all employment sectors in Germany.


Job-Opportunities-for-Professionals-in-Germany---tinoshare.comA professional in this area earns approximately between 3000 and 4000 euros per month. Computer technicians careers as graphic designers, web designers, network installers – earn between 1800-2200 euros per month. However, this technical advantage that many work for two companies in parallel.

We must point out that companies that pay better salaries to professionals are those that are located in the major cities of Germany. We refer to cities like Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart and Bremen.



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