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Right now, Germany is seeking qualified professionals who have appropriate training and work experience. The economic strength makes this country a very attractive destination for hundreds of migrants around the world. For them, in this article, know the best cities in Germany to go to work, in your quest for a better future.

The economic growth in Germany has allowed increasing the rate of employment in the federal republic, made up of 16 states. Of course, to adapt to life in Germany, it is very necessary fluid level German language; this, too, will provide access to jobs with better pay. To get to know the labor market is essential to consult websites such as job seekers:


Best job seekers in Germany :




But by following some data, you can compile a list of the best cities to work in Germany. Of course, this information can be altered as a result of the economic crisis that is currently living in the rest of Europe. The list contains:

Top cities to work in Germany :


A multinational city, located north of the country, with 3.5 million inhabitants. This city is in constant motion, as equal as the constant creation of Start Up , which requires professionals with passion and willing to take risks; for them, there is a website that publishes job opportunities for entrepreneurship projects, named:



It is the second largest port in Europe, it is also the second largest city in Germany; It has low crime rates. Here, there are job opportunities related to port authorities.



One of the most important cities of Germany , for its climate, labor demand and security.In this city you have high per capita income, in addition to a high quality of transport, parks, technology.All these features make it extremely attractive for hundreds of migrants.



Germany’s financial center, this is a very cosmopolitan city and business; which it is not very attractive for tourism but for great job opportunities. In Frankfurt there is a banking center and publishing organizations, pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive.On the other hand, the highest average salary is in approximately 52,000 per year.



This city is a resort town, one of the most important in Germany.Employment opportunities are linked to services of tourism, hospitality, and leisure.



It is the state capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg  one of the most important economic regions. Here are the headquarters of transnational companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, Porsche, Hugo Boss and IBM. Here there is a great demand for professionals in the sectors of trade, vehicle maintenance, health care and the manufacturing industry.

Furthermore, the Goethe Institut, the German institution is dedicated to the spread of the German language, here they can improve their knowledge of the language, and start dreaming about their stay in Germany. Remember that it is always very good start preparing in time for a life change.

Finally, since the weather is not the friendliest, you have to bear in mind that southern Germany is warmer than the north. This is very important because in most cases the weather end complicating the process of adaptation of any immigrant in Germany. Sometimes, getting used to the climate of the city where one lives is more important than having an annual salary in excess of 40,000 euros.




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