Keyboard shortcuts to use on Windows 10 as an expert

Keyboard shortcuts to use on Windows 10 as an expert -
Keyboard shortcuts to use on Windows 10 as an expert -

The new Windows is full of new features, some of its most interesting features also include their own keyboard shortcuts.

Windows has always had many useful keyboard shortcuts that most people do not fail, you may be one of those who believe it is too complicated learning you shortcuts to do things you can do faster with your mouse , the reality is that you are wrong.

First, the keyboard shortcuts are incredibly easy to remember because the key combinations make sense of being and are themselves their own mnemonics for the user to learn easily. And second, if you start using them, once you get used to it, you do a whole 150% faster than moving your mouse and making several clicks . If you do not believe me, try it at least a couple of times.

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes loaded with new features , some of my favorite has its own keyboard shortcut to activate, and are truly satisfying. If you want to know them, we leave some examples below and the list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10.

The new task view has its own shortcut, instead of pressing the button on the superbarra can simply use the key combination.

Win + Tab opens the new task view

Win + Tab opens the new task view

Windows Snap lets you arrange windows on your desktop in the best way possible, you can combine two windows on each side, one in the middle of desk and two on the other side equally, or up to four windows each occupying fourth screen .

If you press the Windows key plus any arrow key you can hit the window to the top, bottom, left or right of the screen.

The virtual desktops allow you to better organize your workspace, and you can use key combinations to create all you want and to move between them.

Win + Ctrl + D creates a new virtual desktop. By combining Win + Ctrl + Left or Right you move between these desktops

You can do things in Windows without touching the mouse and simply telling Cortana, although with Win + S you can activate the search box, with Win + C (C Cortana, come that are easy to learn) activate the voice recognition immediately.

Keyboard shortcuts to use on Windows 10 as an expert -


Keystroke That makes
Windows key + A Open the activity center
Windows key + C Activates the voice recognition Cortana
Windows key + D Displays the desktop (press again and show windows)
Windows key + E Open Windows Explorer
Windows key + G Game Turns DVR to record the screen
Windows key + M Enables sharing feature in Modern apps for Windows 10
Windows key + R Open the system configuration
Windows key + K Starts “Connect” to send data to wireless devices
Windows key + L Locks the computer
Windows key + R Execute a command
Windows key + S Active Cortana
Windows key + X Open the advanced menu (same as right clicking on the start button)
Windows key + TAB Open the task view
Windows key + Arrow keys Paste a window to the right, left, up or down the screen (Windows Snap)
Windows Key + CTRL + D Create a new virtual desktop
Windows Key + CTRL + F4 Closes a virtual desktop (the apps are going to the nearest)
Windows Key + CTRL + Left or Right Arrow Change virtual desktop
Teklad Windows + SHIFT + Left or Right Move the current window one monitor to another
ALT + TAB Switch between open windows on all desktops



Press this key To do this

Right Shift for eight seconds

Turn Filter Keys on and off

Left Alt+Left Shift+PrtScn (or PrtScn)

Turn High Contrast on or off

Left Alt+Left Shift+Num Lock

Turn Mouse Keys on or off

Shift five times

Turn Sticky Keys on or off

Num Lock for five seconds

Turn Toggle Keys on or off

Windows logo key Picture of Windows logo key +U

Open the Ease of Access Center


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