Keys to understanding the importance of HoloLens in Microsoft

Keys to understanding the importance of HoloLens in Microsoft -
Keys to understanding the importance of HoloLens in Microsoft -

We review the features of HoloLens, the big bet augmented reality Microsoft to enhance Windows 10.

Microsoft has lasted many years betting on new systems for interaction with devices such as we saw with Kinect . Its application to video games turned out to be an innovation, this device has been a platform that has always been expected benefit in areas such as recognition of motion for animated characters modeled, education, medicine and even in the world of accessibility since its operation, Kinect can help people with disabilities to control certain interfaces easily. Clearly, the next step for Microsoft in these facets, the brightest bet so far is HoloLens , augmented reality technology.

As its name indicates, HoloLens is a viewer (that looks futuristic glasses) that make use of holography , ie, the technique of showing and project in our three-dimensional view objects as they exist in reality with a capacity of immersion huge. Only get the viewer, we will have many virtual objects, the scope will overlap over the entire reality around us . That is, with HoloLens we live a virtual reality experience live. It is a standalone device in the sense that it has its own processor and graphics chip processes running natively on their hardware.

Thanks to this, HoloLens perfectly recognizes where the user is located, and allows you to drag objects to empty spaces content. From there, the possibilities are endless for this new vision of Microsoft. Although a priori one might think that their use will be far from our expectations and practical desires, HoloLens be so versatile that can run the new universal applications of Windows 10, thanks to the support ofWindows Holographic . By the time Windows 10 reaches users, on 29 July, should not be distanced the departure of HoloLens, as Microsoft has stated that the launch will be set.

HoloLens brings a very futuristic vision a reality in which we can make the most of the apps.

From there, we’ll just wait for the developers are put to work, but the work they have to do, since the operation of the universal applications, will be less. Focusing on what we’ve seen so far, of HoloLens highlight its uses for education . All developments in tablets and computers in that way shows the content we’ve always had in the books, with a multimedia experience based on what, but now is not progress, it is simply a radically different approach.

Hololens anatomy Keys to understanding the importance of HoloLens in Microsoft -

In classes, eg anatomy, a teacher may display different layers of the body(epidermis, dermis, muscle, vessels) with full realism. Similarly, in geography for example, we can observe the geological composition of the relief items, such as mountains or depressions. We may also, as in the case of the body, distinguish the different layers of the planet, but the most interesting thing I can think is related timelapses different geological eras.

It will also be very useful in the workplace. Imagine applications in the field of architecture or design . Faithfully observe structures projects supported applications. What until now was represented in 3D on a screen, you can grow out of it, in our view. HoloLens also adds to the tendency of 3D printing. Since the display is similar to the objects that eventually arise, the display is ideal for design and preview, then by allowing export to formats compatible with 3D printers.

Hololens Keys to understanding the importance of HoloLens in Microsoft -

In that sense, also it helps something people have always wanted for a long time, virtually furnish your home. I am sure that the major chain decoration application to launch in the store, or in your own home, you can visualize how everything would.

Finally, HoloLens also represents an interesting option for domestic, leisure and play . Starting with the third, Microsoft has already shown how well it integrates with Minecraft, the jewel in the crown. Children, major players may build surfaces in real time transferring any limits they had already figured in the screen of your smartphone. HoloLens also be a new way to enjoy multimedia content as the viewer position, we can also watch movies in similar size to high size screens. At the end use can be similar to a computer, because we can distribute the windows within the interface itself.

hololens game Keys to understanding the importance of HoloLens in Microsoft -

In conclusion, I believe that although the virtual reality and augmented reality is still a long way to go, being the first major step of Microsoft, and we can say that there is a very tangible product that will bring great and practical innovations to fields currently They are somewhat stagnant, such as education. Although wider use socially require greater invisibility device, or domestic labor proposals are brightand executables from minute one.