This is the new generation of KIA Sportage 2016

This is the new generation of KIA Sportage 2016 -
This is the new generation of KIA Sportage 2016 -

The next interpretation of KIA Sportage finally reveals his final lines. It was officially released in 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show and share mechanical components with the new Hyundai Tucson.

With this unprecedented body is presented to the fourth generation of the compact SUV KIA , an SUV that meets in any field.


The design is completely renewed, now the opposite is shown with geometric figures and higher volume elements that work together to give you a completely different view; all that remains of the third generation is the Tiger Nose grille.

 This is the new generation of KIA Sportage 2016 -

The headlamps specifically, are now positioned at a top, an element that reminds us somewhat the Nissan Juke .

This is the new generation of KIA Sportage 2016 -

On the other side, but with the same visual language, the rear axle uses “high”, combined optical defense groups with dual exhaust and a medallion that is observed without disturbing the small car design.

The overall profile is now more robust sighted but maintains its flowing lines, we can even say that adheres to larger models such as the Sorento.


Inside, we find significant changes, dominates a modern style mixing components of the Optima and the new Sorento. 

The oldest model which is so far is the new one.

In the center of the board, the presence of a screen with growth in size, which surely will have the latest technology KIA (multimedia system, navigation, vehicle information, entertainment and connectivity).

What engines used?

Although still not all the technical features are revealed, we know that this new SUV will share mechanical components with the Hyundai Tucson. We talked about the fourth generation Sportage be riding a motor 1.6 GDI of 132 horses that would like access option price, but now, for this generation, a turbocharged direct injection version 1.6 T-GDI with 176 horses would be released. In addition, this turboprop elements come as a double-clutch gearbox with seven speeds and traction on the four axes of the South Korean automaker.

As you will see developments in this interpretation are considerable, especially in the mechanical section. By the time we wait for its official launch.