In this article, I will explain how to know the local IP that your computer has and the default gateway of your network (Default Gateway). In many cases, this information is important to know when we need to manually configure the IP address and gateway on our computers. Having this manual configuration avoids various problems of network conflicts and also avoid dropping connections.

This information can be verified on a PC or from a mobile device. Here we explain how to check it on PC and Android specifically.

Know the IP of my computer and the default gateway on a computer

Press the Windows key and the R key at the same time. (Press and hold Windows button and then R)

A box will open, then type will type cmd and then click on accept and you will see a black screen.

Know the IP of my computer and the default gateway on a computerOn the black screen type, ipconfig and press enter and you will see the following: (ipconfig)

Like in the image, where it says “IPv4 Address” is the local IP address of your computer and the default gateway that I also pointed to in the image.

If you are connected by via network cable, you will see “Ethernet Adapter” but if you are connected by Wi-Fi then you have to observe where it says something like “Wireless Network Adapter” Name may vary to synonyms, such as “Wireless Network Connection”).

How to know the IP of my computer and the default gateway on an Android phone or tablet

Download the IPConfig application – What is mY IP?

Then run the App and you will see the following:

  • Where it says “IP Address” is your local IP address.
  • Where “Gateway” is your default gateway.

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