How to know the Model of Laptop or Desktop


In many cases it is important to know what model your PC is, whether it is a laptop or desktop, as this information can serve you for many things, such as searching for specific drivers on the official website of the computer manufacturer, because with the Brand of equipment may not have what you need, as there may be thousands of equipment of the same brand, but only one of the same model.

For the reason explained above I will explain how to know the model of your PC or laptop. To find out the model of your computer, follow these steps:

Press Windows+R key on your keyboard at the same time (Press and hold Windows then R)

windows key
In the image you are viewing above I show you what the Windows key is.

After pressing the keys indicated above, a box will appear in which you have to type “dxdiag” (without the quotation marks):


Then a window will open with a lot of information about your system and your hardware, in the central part is the information you need, look at the following image, I have it underlined in red:


Second method of how to know the model of a laptop

If you have a laptop that you can not turn on and you need the model, look at the model number on the bottom of the laptop, write it on Google and you will see the model and brand of your laptop, a sample image:


As you see the steps were very simple.