In this tutorial, I will explain how to know which motherboard you (your PC or Laptop) have. Knowing what type of motherboard you have is very easy and there are several ways to know, in this article we will explain two ways to find out what is the exact model of the motherboard you have installed.

This information is usually necessary especially when the drivers need to be installed on the computer. It is important to know that this tutorial works for motherboards of laptops and desktop computers.

First of all, the easiest method to know is uncovering the PC and on the plate physically you will see the make and model, but let’s suppose you do not want or you can not uncover it, then we will explain 2 alternative methods without having to uncover the computer.

# 1 – How to know which motherboard I have via DXDIAG

DXDIAG is an integrated Windows tool that shows you information about the physical components of the computer you have, among which information is the motherboard model. Open it by pressing the Windows+R keys and then a window will open, where you should write dxdiag and press ENTER.


A window will open, where it says “System Manufacturer” you will see the brand of the motherboard and where it says “System Model” you will see the model of the motherboard.

If you have the operating system in other languages, it will obviously show you the same thing but in your language.

If there it does not show you what you are looking for and it shows you something like System manufacturer and Systerm Product Name instead of showing you the make and model of your motherboard then try the method explained below.

# 2 – How to know which motherboard I have via CPU-Z

CPU-Z is a program that shows you information about your RAM, processor and motherboard, you can download it from this link. After downloading the program you run it and you go to the tab called “Mainboard” and there you will see the make and model of your motherboard.

motherboardWhere it says Manufacturer, it shows the brand of your motherboard and where it says Model it shows the model of your motherboard.

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