How to know that person is right for your vacancy

How to know that person is right for your vacancy -

A good tip to do is list the skills that the candidate requires and use the various tools available to make a preliminary assessment.

Once considered this, our recommendation is to choose the 10 best candidates and interview in the first round to 5 favorites, if they do not meet the expectation there are still other candidates available. The second round should be limited to 2 or 3 candidates from which you must choose the new person to join our team.

Now, even though it is difficult to ensure that someone is the perfect candidate, yes you can use the following guide to identify the right candidate for our vacancy:

• Does the candidate be competent? It is essential to analyze whether the person has the skills and competencies required for the position, as well as the experience and education to back it up.

• Does the candidate is capable of ? May be able to perform simple tasks, but appears to be able to carry out complex tasks that require more effort and creativity? Identify professional achievements and challenges in the work experience of the candidate allow us to infer whether it will have a problem – solving skills and apply their creativity in challenging tasks.

• Does the candidate support the company? This is very important because not all candidates support the work required, especially when it comes to an SME where, unlike a big company, there are fewer rules; you need flexibility, willingness and creativity, and ability to work in teams. A potential candidate can possess important skills and knowledge, but lacks a profile related to the culture of the company and the team, will have little chance to integrate successfully.

• Does the candidate seem to be committed? It is important to investigate the stability of the candidate, so it is important to check the time that has worked on projects or previous jobs, the reasons why it has changed, etc.

Take the time to select the right person, remember that actual hires result in greater productivity, higher earnings level, less employee turnover and better working environment.

* The author is Director of Marketing and Public Relations OCCMundial, a market leader in the online job boards company. He has 20 years of experience in marketing services and consumer products. He began his professional life in Cifra, where he lived closely with Wal * Mart merger Group. Later it was developed in the field of telecommunications, working for companies such as Avantel and Axtel, where he has served in various managerial and leadership roles. He dabbled in a content generation in digital and print media, as well as in the development of loyalty programs, working for Grupo Media. Currently a member of the Board of Associations: DIRECT, IAB and AMIPCI. Fernando earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the Universidad Iberoamericana, majoring in finance and marketing. 

Written by Fernando Calderon