How to know the RPM amount of my hard drive

hdd or ssd4

In this article, I will explain how to know how much RPM a hard drive has . When we refer to RPM of a hard disk we are talking about the revolutions per minute of the same, this practically indicates a number of times that rotates a hard disk every 60 seconds, normally the same ones are of 4,200, 5,400, 7,200, 10,800 and 15,000 RPM. The higher the RPM, the faster it will read the files and therefore the execution of files will be faster.

This only applies to hard disk drives (HDD) and not to SSDs. There are supposed programs that give this information, sincerely download several of them that recommended in other websites, however, none of them worked, the way I used to find out that information was without installing programs that really is the most recommended.

To know how many RPM your hard disk has just read what I will explain below:

View the model of your hard drive and find the specifications on the Internet

Do not know the make and model of your hard drive? An easy way to know is to look at the hard drive physically, it will have a label on which you will see the name and possibly how many RPM it works, however if you do not want to uncover your computer or you have a laptop what you can do is go to Control Panel -> Device Manager and there you are looking for your hard disk, where you will see the name of your hard disk, an example image:

hdd or ssd4

Then you just have to search Google and you will see thousands of pages that will show the technical specifications of your hard drive, including the RPM of your storage unit.