Many times unauthorised people get access to your Netflix account and use it without your permission. This is not usually perceived by people because some of the Netflix plans can be accessed from several devices at the same time or because the other person using it uses it at a different hour of the day. This is very common, hackers often steal Netflix accounts in order to sell them and make money. The same account is sold to several people depending on a number of screens they have at a cheaper price than it would cost an account.

With the explanation in this article, you can leave doubts and know if someone if other people use your Netflix account without your permission.

The most basic way to at least suspect it is by watching if you see continuations of movies or series that you have never begun to see. If that is your situation it is advisable to immediately change your Netflix password and the password of the email associated with that account.

View the history of movies and series watched by each user

In your Netflix account, you can see the history of the things that have been seen in it. You can view the history of your Netflix account by entering this link

  • You can also access there by clicking where it says “Your account” (Account) in the options that appear in the upper right:
  • Then click where it says “Visualisation activity” (Activity) in the section “MY PROFILE” from the bottom

When you enter there you can see the series and movies seen recently and you can tell if they were using your account without your authorization to see that they were seeing things that you did not.

Review recent account accesses

In your Netflix account, you can review from which places you have entered your Netflix account. You can do this by entering this link. There you will see what type of computers have entered, at what time and date, which IP address they used and from which country they accessed.

If you do not want to enter the link you can find the place by placing the cursor in the upper right where the name of your Netflix account is and then clicking where it says “Your account“:

Then click where it says “Display Activity“:

Then click where it says “Review recent accesses to the account“:

When clicking there you will see all the accesses:

If, for example, you see access from devices that you do not use or access from a country that you do not reside in, then you should urgently change your Netflix password because it shows that someone is accessing your account.

Another resource that can help you is by going to the Netflix Help Center and contacting them directly and explaining the situation so they can help you.

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