How to know which video card I have (Easily)


Some time ago a visitor asked me how to know which video card I have. With this manual you will be able to know which video card you have installed on your computer, be it a laptop you have or a desktop computer, with this method it is not necessary to uncover the case to physically view the video card and it does not matter if the graphics card Is integrated or adapted by PCI Express.

Just follow my instructions in a few moments you will have the information you need from your graphics card. Well, let’s go to the steps.

How to know which video card I have with an external program

This is the most recommended method. All you have to do is download the GPU Z program, which you can download from this link.

After downloading the program you execute it and it will give you all the technical information of your graphics card, including the make and model of the card which is what you possibly want to know.

If you click the button that says Lookup will open a website which will show you an image of your graphics card and more technical specifications.

How to know which video card I have without downloading programs

This method is recommended only if you want to know how to see the video card you have to then search the drivers on the Internet and install them. Since it will not always give you the exact name of your graphics card. However it will always give you the information you need to find the video drivers for your computer.

To be able to see what graphics card you have installed, press together (1st Windows then R) the Windows + R.

Then a run box will be displayed, you will write “dxdiag” and then click “OK“:


Note: It might take time for windows to appear.

Then you will see a window with a lot of information about your computer. To see the information we are looking for, go to the second tab, which says “Display“. There you will see all information about your graphic card.

As in the image you can see the name of my video card which is ” Intel HD Graphic 550″, the manufacturer is Intel. It also says I have a 1366 × 768 resolution, which is the HD resolution and also the kind of monitor I have.

Also below, in “DirectX Feature” it confirms that I have DirectX in good working order, which allows me to play games on the computer. That in the case of having a problem with that, in that window will notify me.

Installing recommended drivers for your graphics card

You just have to go to the page of the manufacturer of the device and according to the model look for it.

If your graphics card is AMD, according to the model you can look for it to know the specifications here. If you want to download the drivers of your graphics card go here. 

In case your graphics card is Nvidia. According to the model, you can look for it to know the technical specifications here. If you want to download the drivers of your graphics card go here.