Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro analysis: your home projector

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro analysis: your home projector - tinoshare.com
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro analysis: your home projector - tinoshare.com

The good thing about the early versions of a technological product is often just that: early versions.Beginning of a path that usually wins a lot with successive iterations. And that’s what happens in theLenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro, which takes over from its predecessor and improves in many sections polishing various types of problems we saw in that product.

If the design works do not touch

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro keeps the curious lines of its predecessor, with the cylindrical edge where we found the projector and the power switch and which are now the same but with an important variation. In fact, the most important of all the product: now the spotlight is located in the center of the cylinder, rather than on one end.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro analysis:  your home projector  - tinoshare.com

That design decision completely transforms the user experience when using this tablet as a pico, as the positioning of the device if we take that side is now more comfortable and versatile. This function gains many integers and now leverage the projector is more natural, and only for that detail the evolution is a success.

But it is that the design wins in several additional paragraphs: we continue with these metallic materials for the support and the cylindrical portion, while the back is made of plastic, but most of the back cover is protected with a faux fur trim to It makes the touch of the surface is especially nice and the grip is also better.

Even that drop support in the previous edition was less than desirable polishing -data the feeling that you were going to cut the Cantos is now well cared for that impression disappears. The finishes are generally excellent and certainly this development He has sat well with Lenovo’s tablet.

Within ports that do have a few options: apart from the affordable to deploy support MicroSD slot (there would also be the MicroSIM slot on the LTE model we have not had the opportunity to analyze) have a micro USB port and carg headphone jack. No more. Especially it would have appreciated a port to connect the tablet to a TV screen via HDMI, but at least we have the support for connection to displays wirelessly.

The presence of the projector shows the weight of the device, which amounts to 667 grams, but here Lenovo has taken another giant step if we consider that the model we reviewed last year weighed 950 grams. Here is a key factor, of course: while this tablet had a 13.3-inch screen, this one comes with a 10.1-inch diagonal. Another success: we believe that the tablets should have a more moderate size, especially if you are not convertible will be able to use in portable mode, as is the case.


Specifications and performance Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

Lenovo has once again bet on the Intel Atom, and this time we have an Intel Atom x5 (Z8500), a quad-core processor with a clock rate that can reach 2.24 GHz but it usually works at a frequency 1.44 GHz.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro analysis:  your home projector  - tinoshare.com


This processor comes packed with 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage capacity, connectivity WiFi 802.11ac plus Bluetooth 4.0, and two batteries (one of 6,200 mAh and another 4,000 mAh) which according to the manufacturer it possible to obtain a range of up to 18 hours. On the back also we found 13 Mpixel camera.

In that battery consumption influences, of course, the screen, which as mentioned has a diagonal of 10.1 inches but noted for its resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels having perhaps slightly vivid color and noted for – screen density of 299 dpi. Yoga Tab 3 Pro also features IP21 certification ensures that you are protected against splashing.

Enjoy multimedia content, photos and of course reading is something you can do at any time thanks to the resolution and quality of the display. In the video playback Dolby technology and JBL four speakers located at the below cylinder make sound quality is especially remarkable.

That drop support allows us to place the tablet as a screen that can interact with touch support but also supports voice commands through Google Now. The AnyPen technology is again another striking characteristics, and we can write screen using various types of utensils – some of the most pilgrim – and materials.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro analysis:  your home projector  - tinoshare.com

But as we said this support again characterized by the small opening in the middle that literally can “hang” the tablet from the wall to which among other things can put the projector pointing to any surface so even easier.

The team’s performance is very decent, and although it can not be compared to the last major players of mobility, this Atom X5 achieves 45 482 points in AnTuTu, while Geekbench get 984 points (Single-Core) and 3,188 points (Multi-Core ), figures that are confirmed using the device.

Fluency in -Android 5.1 operating system with a thin layer of Customization- is remarkable, and the software includes some curious features such as Smart Window 2.0 that allows some applications to be used in windowed mode to enjoy a more versatile desktop It can be useful for example if we work with this tablet with a compatible Bluetooth keyboard for greater productivity. EFrame applications (to use the tablet as a digital frame) or Sketchpad (to draw) are some of the Lenovo integrated as part of the experience.

The behavior of the cameras is also fluid and the results, although they can not be compared to the chambers of the last high-end smartphones, if acceptable especially outdoors. Indoor and low light conditions suffer especially the posterior chamber.

We must, however, recognize that the camera software is very decent and usability is greater than the default application that came with Android 5.1. In any case, the results for both rear chamber to the front are decent but certainly not outstanding: like most tablets, this feature is not something you normally shine with a special light.



A pico increasingly peak and projector

The experience with Yoga 2 Pro Tablet in their capacities as projector were discrete, but the thing has improved with Yoga Tab 3 Pro for several reasons. The first, as we mentioned, it was that new position of the projection lamp that makes projector placement and enjoy much more remarkable.

But also the projection software has won integers: achieve a projection of about 70 inches (50 inches for the previous model), and although we have not gotten to know all the technical specifications of this component, a distance of about two meters the image quality was acceptable.

In the video, you can not see at all, but the definition is decent but does not count on too high a resolution and 50 lumens obtained with this new version of pico make that light wins over the previous model that was about 35 lumens maximum.

Here are also located improvements in software control, from which we can control things now with the approach of the image with a curious touch screen control Yoga Tab 3 Pro and above all a feature especially important: the keystone correction He did not have his predecessor and again enhances the enjoyment of the experience with the projector. Thus, although the tablet is slight to one side of the projection surface or with a different inclination, the projected image is a rectangle provided and rectum.

The opinion of Engadget and note

The tablets continue to make sense for a number of users, and there are few developments that seek to challenge the status quo in this segment. The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro gets what with that combination of tablet and projector, and the evolution of the device year after the appearance of its predecessor has been remarkable.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro analysis:  your home projector  - tinoshare.com

You can not stand before the most powerful tablet on the market and certainly not the lightest or small, but all that he makes a bid made to all those who want to enjoy the benefits that can offer this projector both situations leisure and work.

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