Less Risk of Death From Cancer in Women Who Practiced Exercise in Adolescence


Needless to say that physical exercise is healthy. Rather than cure, it is much better to prevent, and maintain an active lifestyle will help us prevent a fairly large number of diseases of all kinds. But not only that, but a new study confirms that women who exercise during adolescence have a lower risk of cancer death.

The study was conducted by the American Association for Cancer Research and he has been proved by the study of more than 75,000 women , what impact did the physical exercise in adolescence facing death by cancer stage adult.

Besides analyzing socioeconomic factors, the researchers found that women who performed physical exercise in adolescence, at least with an average of 1.33 hours per week (as you will see, very little physical exercise) had less than 16% Risk of cancer deaths and 15% lower risk of death from other causes.

The study was detailed information about the participants, including the time of physical exercise in aged between 13 and 19 years. Clarify that the ages of the 75,000 women studied were between 40 and 70 years. The various factors relating to adult life style and mortality results were analyzed, they were conducted personal interviews to collect baseline data and be able to follow every two or three years.

After a mean of 12.9 years of follow-up, 5,282 women, including 2,375 from cancer and 1,620 died from cardiovascular disease. After adjusting for socioeconomic factors in adulthood, the researchers found that women who did exercise in adolescence, at least 1.33 hours a week, had a 16% lower chance of dying from cancer, and 15 % for other reasons.

The researchers said that in addition to finding relationship between physical exercise in adolescence also looked clear influences on mortality at an age or another taking into account the lifestyle of each of them, analyzing their diet, exercise performed in adulthood, fat percentage, socioeconomic status and history of chronic disease.

The main conclusion of the study is the direct relationship of the physical exercise in adolescence against the risk of death from cancer or other causes in women. So never neglect of physical exercise, and in the case of your teens, inculcates a healthy life full of healthy foods and exercise.

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