LG G5 Review: a modular smartphone exchanging your battery accessories

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LG presented during the MWC 2016 a new smartphone LG G5 with a new design of single body of metal, with a Side-out battery and a modular design. The presentation was held in conjunction with other devices LG Friends that can be combined with the G5 to turn it into a digital camera, a Hi-Fi and more player.


The slide design Battery G5 lets you change the battery without charging the other in seconds. The collection has a 2,800mAh battery.

LG G5 Review a modular smartphone exchanging your battery accessories - tinoshare.com (8)The new LG G5 has two cameras on the back of a standard lens 78º and one with wide-angle lens 135 °, 1.7 times wider than other common lens, perfect for capturing landscapes, tall buildings or large groups. Offers a variety of photo effects such as Pop-out Picture images combining two lenses to create an image effect in a frame; UX achieves perfect selfies making decision at the right time.

Has a Quad HD IPS display Quantum 5.3 “(2560 x 1440 / 554ppi) display with Always-On to quickly see the time, date and other relevant information. To reduce energy consumption has been redesigned display driver IC memory and power management function to illuminate the backlight only a small part of the display, increasing the battery life. It has also improved the Daylight Model display for visibility detecting the lighting conditions and increasing or decreasing the brightness according to this data.

The new G5 has a design with 3D Arc Glass, and an area of color with microdizing process, a new system of anodized aluminum; Shiny Cut edge with a contrast generated on the surface and improves grip equipment.

LG G5 Review a modular smartphone exchanging your battery accessories - tinoshare.com (6)Most notable of this is its modularity that allows adding elements to transform it into other devices: LG CAM Plus is a camera module that can be added via the battery slot for a comfortable grip and greater controls on the camera. The module provides physical buttons, intuitive system auto focus, exposure lock, and also adds a extra battery capacity of 1,200mAh. The LG Hi-Fi Plus with B & O PLAY is an audio DAC portable HI-FI which was developed together with B & O PLAY. It has a simple Scandinavian-inspired design and premium sound technology 32-bit DAC HI-FI, with support for playing HD audio 32-bit 384kHz. This module can operate in conjunction with LG G5 or as a separate DAC HI-FI connecting to any smartphone or PC.

The launch of the new G5 is introduced into a new ecosystem of products LG Playground, formed by various devices LG Friends that extend the user experience of smartphones. LG G5 is the only smartphone LG Friends Manager application hub that connects the G5 with LG Friends easily, the application automatically detects equipment LG Friends near and connects them in three steps.

LG VR 360 is a goggle that can be connected to the G5 with dedicated cables and functions as if it were a TV 130 “located two meters away. It is a lightweight of 118 grams and offers a resolution of 639 ppi. It supports images and videos captured by the camera 360 LG 360 CAM and contents of Google Cardboard.

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The LG CAM 3609 is a compact camera with two wide-angle cameras 13MP 200 °, 1,200mAh battery and 4GB memory which can be expanded with microSD card. It can be easily connected to the LG 360 G5 to generate content quality video and surround sound 2K 5th thanks to three microphones. The images can be uploaded to Google Street View and YouTube360.

LG Rolling Bot is a device that rolls like a performing take pictures and videos with your camera 8MP ball. It can be used as a monitoring system at home and is compatible with the remote control. The camera can be connected to Wi-Fi for remote monitoring of their homes.

LG TONE Platinum is a Bluetooth headset with Harman Kardon Platinum level with crisp, clean sound; and is the first Bluetooth headset with aptX HDcodec equipped with 24-bit sound.

H3 by B & O PLAY is a set of compatible headphones with high sound quality of LG Hi-Fi Plus, it works with any Android smartphone.

LG Smart Controller lets you control some drones, streaming video reviewing the drones using the LG G5 and managing the device with LG Smart Controller joystick.

In addition to this modularity and the new ecosystem of devices G5 LG, the new smartphone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 64-bit performance, graphics Adreno 530 and Qualcomm Hexagon DSP low power, as well as Qualcomm processor Spectra 14-bit double image signal designed to provide high image quality resolution DSLR. The processor has an integrated modem with support for X12 LTE download speeds Category 12 to 600 Mbps and upload data LTE Category 13 to 150 Mbps. It also uses Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 system to achieve rapid charging, 27% to 45% more efficient than previous generations. Along with the Low Power Location Estimation (LPLE) technology that increases the efficiency of the battery up to 41.9% according to the location-based applications.

The new LG G5 will be available in silver color options, Titan, gold and pink.

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