LG OLED W7: The thinnest OLED TV is now available, but not cheap

LG OLED W7 The thinnest OLED TV

It has not taken LG 24 hours to respond to Samsung’s ruling with its QLED and improvement in colour and brightness to precisely pick up the OLED screens with references in the quality of the world of television.

Their new OLED TVs raise the brightness and play with full compatibility with all HDR systems to compete in the highest range of the market.

LG Signature OLED TV W7: The Highest Range Of OLED TVs

LG already warned us last summer that OLED televisions of a certain level would continue to see a few years more exclusively in the highest range. The new LG Signature OLED TV W are proof of this.

LG eliminates the elements of televisions and leaves hardly the panel of less than 3 mm of thickness. Even the Anchorage to the wall is done in a magnetic way.

The OLED range of LG for this 2017 conform the classic series B, C, E and G, and an exclusive model of the range Signature that receives the name of W7. Its 77-inch diagonal and frameless design are to blame.

LG OLED W7 The thinnest OLED TV
The new design shifts from last year’s Picture in Glass to Picture-on-Wall. The line remains minimal, with a panel thickness of less than 3 mm and with hardly any elements on the front of the TV. Even in the most exclusive W7, there is a magnetic anchorage wall system to avoid separation between the TV and the TV.

With this design, you have to use external speakers, which comes in another module and has Dolby Atmos sound.

Brighter, pure black

With the HDR calling every consumer door, OLED technology could not be at a disadvantage with LEDs at the brightness level. Without a large brightness, the HDR loses effectiveness. So as pure blacks already had them (come reinforced in 2017 with pixel attenuation that prevents light leakage ), LG OLED raises the bar in brightness, using ULTRA Luminance technology.

LG OLED W7 The thinnest OLED TV

Dolby Atmos for sound and Dolby Vision for the most advanced HDR. There is no doubt what the niche market of OLED technology is: cinema

The HDR is again a reference in LG OLEDs. HDR Active mode unites the support to all the standards and systems that are now in the market or are yet to come. HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) and Advance HDR Technicolor. To make matters worse, LG adds the HDR Effect function, which processes the standard definition content image by image to simulate a native HDR.

LG OLED W7 The thinnest OLED TV
For colour, LG has another ally of reference in the Cinema: Technicolor. And of course, there is Smart TV function with webOS and integration of platforms like Vudu, Amazon or Netflix.

LG OLED W7, price and availability

LG’s thinner OLED TV is now available at an official price of 8999 euros.