LibreOffice 5, new version of the free office suite

LibreOffice 5, new version of the free office suite -
LibreOffice 5, new version of the free office suite -

Seven months after the last update The Document Foundation announces the release of LibreOffice 5.0 , the suite office alternative to Microsoft Office, available for free download as it is a free open source project.

About 80 million users have used any time in any of the versions of LibreOffice 4 considered one of the best office suite alternatives to Microsoft Office. 

The new LibreOffice 5.0 is still free and comes with important news. On the one hand the new version of LibreOffice provides greater compatibility between other popular office programs such as Microsoft Office or Apple iWork by improving their filters that recognize more formats are not standardized.

In addition, LibreOffice 5.0 is now  compatible with Windows 10 and can run on operating systems of 64 bits in an optimized, resulting in a significant improvement in performance.

The Document Foundation has also improved the user interface in LibreOffice 5.0 , much more modern and stylish than previous versions, but their strengths are still at a higher functionality and compatibility when working with different formats, besides being totally free .

LibreOffice has improved the spreadsheet , one of the weakest elements of previous versions and promises to be much more stable, partly thanks to the work of volunteers.

The version of LibreOffice 5.0 for Android will allow some basic functions to edit documents, but the new version still has not come to Google Play.

It is expected that over the coming weeks are also available portable Libre Office 5.0 , the version that runs on a USB flash without installation on the computer.

The LibreOffice free download can be done through the official website of The Document Foundation, where you can find the files needed to install LibreOffice 5.0 on Windows , Linux or Mac OS X.

If you are faithful to Microsoft Office, not you planning to install LibreOffice perhaps you used this trick to divide into two screens a Word document.