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In 2019 the model number of Lotus is expected to appear sportkrossovera compact, which should become a direct competitor to Porsche Macan.

British firm Lotus has long sought to have a balanced lineup, which, in addition to sports cars, and should include sportsedan crossover. However, the British Napoleonic plans run into an insurmountable obstacle is – a chronic shortage of funds for the development of new models.



However, at the Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Hals announced that in 2019 will begin production of the first in the history of Lotus crossover. And this ring until the car has to be the best in the compact class sportkrossoverov and try to divert as many customers a direct competitor – Porsche Macan.

Jean-Marc Hals not announced specifications, saying only that the upcoming crossover will be 200 kg lighter than its competitors, that is, when compared to the Porsche Macan, the crossover Lotus will weigh about 1650 kg. Hals also said that Lotus plans to develop its further cooperation with Toyota, which currently supplies engines for sports cars Lotus, and eventually the British expect that Toyota will share with them, and hybrid power plants.


The original Lotus crossover will be produced and sold only in China. And only on the basis of sales in the market of China will decide on the withdrawal of the crossover to the European market. If this solution is adopted, the European modification, in addition to the petrol engine will also receive a turbodiesel. However, it is difficult to say how these plans are feasible. After all, back in 2006 at the Geneva Motor Show was presented conceptual crossover Lotus APX (pictured) and it was expected that a couple of years the car will be on the conveyor. But it took almost ten years, and WHO, as they say, is still there. The same thing happened with the other shown in recent years, concept cars Lotus, none of which has not gone into mass production. It is possible that the same fate awaits the announced Jean-Marc Hals crossover.


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