Low Intensity Ultrasound Can Help To Heal Skin Wounds

Low Intensity Ultrasound Can Help To Heal Skin Wounds - tinoshare.com
Low Intensity Ultrasound Can Help To Heal Skin Wounds - tinoshare.com

A group of researchers from the University of Bristol has made a very important discovery: it is possible to heal skin wounds faster than usual by applying low-intensity ultrasound . According to preliminary testing of older mice wounds and ulcers heal diabetes specimens with 30% faster if you use this technique. But this is not its only advantage.

Another quality of this treatment is worth bearing in mind is that, in principle, low-intensity ultrasound have no side effects. In fact, Dr. Mark Bass, who is the director of the study , believes that the safety of this technique will put it into practice in clinics and hospitals in a period should not exceed three or four years . In any case, the most interesting is the reason that ultrasound has this beneficial effect on the skin.

The “fault” lies with the fibroblasts

According to Bass and his team, applying low-intensity ultrasound directly on the skin it stimulates fibroblasts, allowing them to act earlier and more effectively about the area of damaged skin.Fibroblasts are a class of cells capable of synthesizing collagen and very important in preserving role of the extracellular matrix. For this reason, it has a key role in wound healing .

This technology can be very useful for anyone who suffers a wound in the skin, but is especially interesting for those suffering from diabetes because it causes ulcers on the skin sometimes this disease can be complicated in a very serious way. Given this scenario any method that helps us heal the skin more effectively and in less time is welcome. Hopefully the results published by these researchers are reproduced without problems by other teams, so this technique reach as many patients as possible soon. [ultrasound treatment skin]