Lucid Dreams And Social Schemes | Sleeping and Dreaming Tips

Lucid Dreams And Social Schemes | Sleeping and Dreaming Tips -
Lucid Dreams And Social Schemes | Sleeping and Dreaming Tips -

Have you ever had a lucid dream? Lucid dreams are those dreams in which you realize you are dreaming. It personally happen with some frequency. Most often I wake at the floor within seconds of being aware that I am dreaming. It’s difficult to control. Suddenly I realize that I’m actually living and feeling part of a sleep and cognitive shock is such that I wake up automatically.

Let’s see first what they videos say about it.

But I find it equally astonishing Otherwise, that is, not to be aware that I am dreaming, see myself flying and not question reality. To see the Statue of Liberty from the roof of my bungalow in Torrevieja and not to realize that it is completely impossible. At such times I wake up and I really wonder how it is that my mind was not able to “detect” such inconsistency. I do not understand how it is that my conscience has not been able to question the implausibility of the situations that I dreamed.

After studying the issue 3 of Social Psychology regarding social schemes, I have found a possible explanation for the lack of attention of our minds when we dream.

Social patterns are defined as “mental abstractions that are activated spontaneously when we find them related stimuli. Besides functioning as a filter that allows us to perceive and remember the most important information and ignore that is not relevant “.

When we met with inconsistent information with these systems we can resolve this discrepancy confirming the schemes that had previously developed and rejecting inconsistent information.

That is, when something does not fit the belief system that we have comes from experience, automatically rule. But in dreams it does not. In dreams we not compare the reality we are living with our stored experience as automatically if we did we would be aware of a tremendous inconsistency.

Perhaps the explanation for all this is that social schemes do not work dreamlike level. The use of these schemes has an evolutionary and adaptive function that is totally unnecessary to occur when we are sleeping.

In our daily life is important to know that if we jump from a building can be damaged, the absence of such information would jeopardize our lives. But in dreams we can dispense with this information because our life is not in danger, whatever the situation. Sleep is for the mind and body rest, so any “extra” work is completely unnecessary and social structures are not put into operation by a matter of saving energy.

I read experiences about people who have tried to induce lucid dreams at will. They say that after much practice they have come to have achieved great progress and increase the frequency. Apart from new experiences pursuing other objectives as take the time to study for an exam overtime within the same dream … etc. Even these achievements can be explained from the point of view adaptive : if an organization focuses its attention and efforts on achieving a target (be aware within the dream) descend attention to other situations that are probably more important for adaptation to the environment . As a result, social patterns begin to be activated during sleep to re-focus their attention on what is important for adaptation and survival.