Magellan Expands Dash Cam MiVue line with four new devices

Magellan Expands Dash Cam MiVue line with four new devices -
Magellan Expands Dash Cam MiVue line with four new devices -

Magellan presented at CES 2016 four new devices added to its line MiVue Dash Cam, new cameras can record travel through scenic routes, or keep track of all management sessions for potential traffic incidents. This is the MiVue 320, 420 MiVue, MiVue MiVue 430 and 450D models.

The new cameras are designed to achieve superior image quality, with plenty of storage and extended battery life. Some devices offer new features such as lane departure and collision avoidance warnings, dual cameras and large angle lens for easy handling.

All the new cameras MiVue dashcam 2016 include these features and functions: MiVue Manager is an intuitive interface that allows you to navigate the recorded videos, and share them to social networks like YouTube and Facebook. Parking Mode wakes the camera on impact when the vehicle is parked. The impact sensor records impact forces, indicating the direction and magnitude of the coalition. The new cameras have also improved their night vision system. The Impact Event Recording is activated when the three-axis sensor detects sudden changes in gait, and protects the files of the recording to prevent them from being rewritten. With Camera Mode you can take pictures of evidence or to remember moments, taking the camera out of the car and using its internal battery. GPS tracking records all the information in the video, with indications of the place and time when playing them.

With regard to the characteristics of each equipment, MiVue 450D has two cameras, and 2.7 “for easy viewing.Make recordings of ultra high-definition 1440p with a maximum aperture of f / 2.0. The lower chamber has a 330 ° rotation; and it has two lenses 120 with a range of 240 total viewing. It has integrated Wi-Fi to send videos to a smartphone to back up easily.

MiVue system 430 includes a lane departure warning with an audio notification and an icon alert that has strayed from the path. It also has a front collision warning when the car gets too close to the car that precedes it, being able to adjust the distance according to the driver’s preferences. The computer has a camera SONY Full HD 1080p with a maximum aperture of f / 1.8 a touch display 2.7 “and a wide-angle lens 140. It has 128GB memory.

The MiVue 420 camera system also includes lane departure warning and forward collision alert. Enables ultra high definition 1296p recordings with a maximum aperture of f / 1.8, it has a touch screen 2.7 “wide-angle lens 140 and 128GB memory.

Finally, MiVue 320 has a 2 “display, enables HD recording at 30 frames per second 1080p. It has 128GB memory.

The new line of automotive Magellan cameras MiVue dashcam be presented at CES 2016 and will ship in the second quarter of 2016 with a starting price of $ 110.


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