Main Benefits Of Video Marketing | Increase Audience and Customers


We are seeing more on social platforms of many companies video. This new marketing strategy has become very important in recent times. Video marketing is one of the most effective methods of advertising on the Internet.

This type of communication will help to reach our potential customers who are surfing the Internet looking for products or services that meet them.

Besides Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are now taking new algorithms to automatically play videos and generate more traffic and reach more customers. This is plus for companies because users no longer have to click the video but is automatically played directly calling attention followed by a call to action that will lead directly to the company website. 

Here are top 5 benefits of video marketing:

It is one of the most preferred by customers future media since you can see the portfolio of products or services offered by the company. It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words so the visual content is more interaction than a simple publication.

  • Creating a welcome video gives a sense of familiarity and trust between the company and future. It also generates confidence in the product or service that will offer the company. Making a video summary of welcome on/about your company will be a great advantage to continue on your website.

More interest because 80% of users prefer to click on a video than any other link. The video content are more effective in communicating.

  • The video marketing will lead to a better search engine optimization of your business. Google rewards companies that use this strategy. It is essential to publish our videos on Youtube and Google that we belong will benefit positively and free SEO positioning.
  • There is an increase in people surfing the web and more and more people involved in different devices such as tablets, smartphones, PCs or notebooks is so that Internet users prefer to watch video than read an article. When a person receives a video if its interesting, they share it with their circle of friends and so a chain of communication is created. It is very difficult to achieve this share chain strategy as mentioned, your video should inspire others and make them to love it.

In conclusion, video marketing complemented by other strategies to promote the reputation and brand communication or online business having a positive effect achieving a powerful campaigns and make them as successful as possible.