Main Differences Between WordPress.Com And WordPress.Org

Main Differences Between WordPress.Com And WordPress.Org -

WordPress is the platform or content management system (CMS) favorite blogs on the web. This software allows you to create, manage and publish your content without problems. Today you see the  main differences between and, and that more than 20% of the web or nearly 50% of all blogs, work through this platform.

So, what exactly is WordPress? WordPress is free and priceless means. It is a platform for personal publishing with a strong focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

In this small guide, I’ll tell you all about WordPress, I will show the difference between these two variants, so you can know which platform is best for your project.

The two forms of WordPress are relatively different from one another, as I will explain below.

Major differences in the two versions of WordPress

  • is fully hosted, while is a self-hosted version. What does this mean? Well, just so you understand easily,
    • allows you to create a blog that is fully hosted on WordPress,
    • while with, you have to find and hire a provider of web hosting to host it. One thing to note is that is an open source software that you download and install so lets you build your blog or website of your choice.
  • Although gives you the option to get a domain for only € 18 per year, with you can get a domain for around € 10 per year.  gives you the option of having a sub-domain on the primary domain of WordPress, ie, “” while in, you have a top level domain such as “”.
  • has some restrictions, such as not having FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access and can not edit the edition. Although you have full control of your files and can edit and customize it to your liking. is completely controlled by WordPress  and is part of the largest networks of WordPress blogs. While with, you responsible to all, you have total control and flexibility, while the work on your own blog.
  • it has a limited selection of themes and plugins, while has a wide selection of themes and plugins you can choose or buy in order to customize your blog to suit your needs. Another notable difference between the two is that does not allow you to show your ads while using can display ads as you wish either AdSense BuySellAds or other ad networks.


For beginner bloggers, is a viable option, but for bloggers with more experience, is the recommended option. The differences between choosing one or the other are in if you want to use the free version, or if otherwise, you want to have one hosted on your own server , it all depends on what you’re doing.