Make Money by Selling Photos Online


To start selling photos through the Internet the perfect place to start is the istockphoto page.

These are the steps to get started in this type of sale online:

Make Money by Selling Photos Online istockphoto -
Make Money by Selling Photos Online istockphoto –

1- Register

To work with this company, you have to start by becoming a member. Registration is free.

2- Send them a request for cooperation

You should explain what kind of files you want to sell; either photos, illustrations, Flash, video or audio. They will provide a manual which will explain the process. You should read it to learn the basic details most important and accurate finally take a test so that they know what their level knowledge in photography.

3- Send them 3 samples of you creations

Once you have passed the required examination, they will ask you to send them three samples (proportional originals) of the work.

If you are really serious about this activity and is dedicated and is a very creative person; you could become one of the many members of the company engaged in selling online photos halftime.

They have international collaborators scattered locations around the world who are always ready to help with tips and strategies. For this have a forum where you can contact experienced members for any type of questions that will arise.

How is the remuneration offered by this company as an online photo?

The organization pays members to collaborate, a commission of 15% for each file that users download. Now if you are one of exclusive partners is likely to get payments up to 45% for each file that people will downloaded.

To register with this organization visit:

Or, Check 15 other photo selling websites

  • iStock Photo
    • Sell your images through iStock Photo and you’ll earn a royalty rate of 15% for each download.
  • SmugMug
    • This website is a lot like an online gallery or portfolio – with the added benefit of being able to sell your photos online via the tool too.
  • Alamy
  • Stockxpert
  • Dreamstime
  • PhotoShelter
    • This is perhaps one of the more well known options on this list, and if you like the idea of selling your work (but at the same time want to retain complete control and pocket more of the profit – who doesn’t want those things?) you could consider setting up a professional photography website with built-in ecommerce from PhotoShelter. The PhotoShelter system is modern, and will make your images look beautiful.
  • Crestock
  • Fotolia
    • I like Fotolia for its convenience, fair royalties and expansive market reach.
  • Shutterstock
    • With Shutterstock you’ll earn between $0.25 and $28 each time an image of yours sells, depending on the licence.
  • 123RF
    • With this site, their royalty structure is based on your contributor level, which is quite unique.
  • Can Stock Photo
  • Zenfolio
  • Red Bubble
  • Snap Market


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