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Compartment files is an easy way to make money online. It is a simple task and is free. Once someone clicks on your link to download the files, you receive a commission. If you get multiple downloads of the same file, profits are higher.

What kind of file can be uploaded?

You need to upload files to arouse high attention from visitors, such as photos, videos, movies, music, television shows and all types of file that you think will be a success and that are easy to download.

Although most commonly used file formats are accepted, it is best to consult the site before uploading any content to not marked as spam and will run the risk of being eliminated.

The basic point is that you have to upload only files that are interesting for visitors to be downloaded. It’s necessary  to customize the download page to make it look attractive.

How to start?

1- Create an account on any of the sites that pay for file download. Here is a list of the most popular:

2- Compress the folder and create a password. Create a text file with the password separately. Put clear instructions so that user can easily obtain the password. Raise these same in several Web sites that pay you for downloads.

How does it work?

The normal method is that users can access the download page, click on “Download” then visitors are required to complete a survey (which may take 30 sec. to a couple of minutes), this deposed visitors get access to the file.

To promote free?

You can do this by sharing links on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums and torrent sites. Browse free forums where it allows the firm with links so you can post links to your content.


All Web site hosting files provide a wealth of statistical information about files and folders increases.

Statistical tools also provide information where you can follow each link and the amount of money received for each link.

With these monitoring tools can get valuable information about your traffic sources and methods of promotion. It’s necessary raising methods are bringing more traffic and discard those that provide no traffic.

Affiliate programs

You can also earn more by referring your friends. This is in addition to the money you get from your file downloads. Almost all Web sites hosting files have this offer.

How much for file downloads?

They pay about $ 20 to $ 60 per thousand downloads on unlocked files. The larger the file size, the more money you will get. Any file larger than 100 Mb will bring about $2 per download.

This opportunity is international and can upload files to get money from anywhere in the world. The amount of money depends on country in which the download is done. You get more visitors to download files from English-speaking countries.


The minimum payment for most pages file download is $ 10. You will be paid via PayPal, AlertPay, transfers banking or checks.


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