If you speak either one or several foreign languages, there are a lot of online companies where you can register to work from home as a translator or interpreter.

I listed companies below which employ translators or interpreters. The requirements for each company vary, but I put the main information you need to know about each, such as payment and eligibility REQUIREMENTS.

1) Study Balda

This website always has the need for freelance translators to join their team of translation. You need to have one or two years of previous experience to be considered. Should be based in USA. This company operates internationally.


Here you can register for the Study Balda.

2) Andovar

Andovar is always looking for freelance translators, editors. Their positions are open to everyone, but it requires the right experience to be considered. You have to take a test to prove your ability.


Click here to check for open positions in Andovar.

3) Certified Languages International

Certified Languages International hires based interpreters to work from home. You need to speak English, and some other language and having two or more years of experience in interpretation. This company is flexible and offers competitive wages.


Here you can join Certified Languages International.

4) Language Line

This company hires regularly to the work of interpretation from home. This is a job where you are on the phone in a three-way call with two other people who do not speak the same language, and its work would help them understand each other. The salary is paid by hour or per minute of conversation based on call volume, and hires people outside the US to work. You can work as employee or independent contractor in terms of being hired for a temporary or permanent position.

Working world and the countries with which they have more job offers are Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and United States.


Register here Language Line.

5) Pacific Interpreters

Pacific Interpreters are always looking for people who speak English and another language to work with them as a telephone interpreters. This is work of the independent contractor who is apparently very flexible. It allows you to set your availability and work when convenient for you. They require one year of experience.


More information here about Pacific Interpreters.

6) Transparent Language

This company has regular offers for interpreters of several foreign languages. Eg for content contributors (dubbing voice, content creators and publishers), as well as online language tutors to work from home. For these positions experience is not required.


Here you can register on Transparent Language.

7) World Lingo

World Lingo is always looking for freelance translators to work from home. You must have two to five years depending on experience position. They accept applicants from around the world


Go here for more information about the translation of World Lingo.

8) Gengo

Gengo offers a variety of jobs for translators. It is open to everyone and all you have to do is to get it approval by passing their test, then pick and choose what kind of topic you want to do for translation work. They pay twice a month and are also very flexible.

Sign in Gengo visiting gengo.commake-money-online-from-home-by-translating-top-8-freelancing-sites-to-make-money-tinoshare.com

9) Independent translator.

You can also work as a freelance translator offering skills as an individual to different companies. Thus have no boss, no office hours.

Freelancer is the place where companies go when they need freelancers. Independent workers here can find work and businesses can find freelancers from all over the world to work on their projects.


Register for free at Freelancer here