How to make a Screenshot on PC/Laptop – Tutorial + Program


With making a screenshot on the PC I mean to shoot a photo of what you are seeing on the computer at that time. To take a screenshot you just have to press the “PrcSc SysRq” key or also called as “Impr Paint PetSis“.

This key is located at the top of the keyboard slightly to the right. The following image shows the location of the key to release the capture:

print screen buttons

Just press that key and you’re shooting the photo. Then what you need to do is open the Windows Paint and there pressing Ctrl + V or right click and then click paste you would be already seeing the capture. What would follow is to save it as .png or as *jpg

The screen capture button on some laptops are usually not and the way to pull the screenshot may be different or with key combinations. If you do not know how to do this on your laptop you can see the second alternative below to shoot a screenshot.

Program to make a screenshot on the PC

There is a program called LightShot. This program allows you to take screenshots too. LightShot is a very light and easy to use a software.

LightShotThe difference between this program and the normal mode of shooting screenshots is that with this program you take a capture in specific areas of the screen and also the same automatically upload to the Internet and get the URL of that image to directly share it in your social networks. You can also edit the images online. This will save you the process of shooting the photo and having to go to paste it to Paint.

The program can be downloaded from its official website here