The Man who Became Rich looking for golf balls under water

The Man who Became Rich looking for golf balls under water -

Jim Reid has an amazing story that summarizes the perfect steps to start and expand a business, and also describes the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, which led him to become a millionaire in less than 10 years starting with a bold idea: to recycle golf balls that found underwater.

Taught by Kiyosaki as “see what others do not see” :

“The opportunities are in front of their noses. Most people do not see those opportunities because they’re looking for money and security … The moment you see an opportunity, you will see them for the rest of their lives. “

The story of Jim Reid is a reflection of this lesson.

The millionaire golf balls

It is shocking how a simple idea can be the start of the transformation of employee to entrepreneur. Jim Reid worked as an inspector of parks Disney World for more than 10 years. His salary was not bad, but his desire was to point to something higher, something that would give more money in less time.

Uniting his passion for adventures and diving, he took time out of work schedule to search for lost objects underwater.

“The difference between rich and poor, is what they do in their spare time” (Padre Rico)

Playing a round of golf, a friend suggested dive in one of the lakes in the field, who knows, maybe could find something worthwhile. That’s how Jim managed to find a white treasure: thousands of golf balls covering entire bottom of the pond. Just the fact venture to get to a lake on a golf course and denotes something different on the personality of this entrepreneur, but finding the balls underwater, he took the resolution would different from thousands of people: make this finding big business. Perhaps someone else had taken as something anecdotal that many balls they were deposited underwater, but Jim saw nothing, saw opportunity where others saw used golf balls in murky water.

The start of the business 

Immediately, the diver devised the whole plan in his mind, and negotiated with the manager of the golf course that if he gave permission to remove the balls from the pond, he would sell to the manager at a very low price, and how balls really were in very good condition, the manager agreed.

“Businesses in which everyone wins, are what I like to do.” (Robert Kiyosaki)

Our adventurer, did not take long to realize that I was at a gold mine:

“In just four days, he managed to earn the same as in a month as an employee at Disney.”

After saying goodbye to Mickey and quitting his job, his future company registered under the name of “Second Chance Golf Ball Recyclers” and set to work to several family members. In the beginning, he did virtually all the work, but after day, the business was between rails, and began to close deals with more golf courses, divers and hire more staff. Once the business model was tested, replicate it was much simpler.

The numbers

  • $1000 monthly earnings as an employee.
  • $1000 gain the first four days looking for golf balls.
  • $60,000 Billing the first year in venture.
  • 10 years were the ones who led his company as owner.
  • 2,200,000 The average balls collected per month (the tenth year).
  • $5,000,000 The selling price of company to investors (the tenth year).
  • 50 years had when he sold his business and was financially free.

Do you think it is an extraordinary business?, certainly yes, but more than the business, I think the entrepreneur is the one who had the extraordinary vision. The good news is that this vision can be develop. Therefore, if you are interested in this article, share it on social networks, you’ll see how these ideas expand the minds of other entrepreneurs and as this please come back to you, tomorrow, in as a business opportunity.

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