How many calories should you consume per day?


Surely countless times you have heard that if you eat certain foods you accelerate the metabolism and you can lose weight. The question here is how many calories should we consume per day?
In the following video, nutritionist Carmen Haro explains what you should take into account to calculate the number of calories you should consume daily.

In this regard, nutritionist Mónica Maza, clarifies that there is no exact table to know how many calories to consume per day since everything depends on each person and their lifestyle, but gives you these options to help you maintain your weight and have A healthy lifestyle.

1. If you are a man, multiply your weight by 25, if you are a woman by 23.

2. Based on this result do the following calculation.

If you are under 25, add 300 calories.
If you are between 25 and 45 years old do not perform any operation.
If you are between 45 and 55 years old, you should have 100 calories.
If you are between 55 and 65 years old, you should have 200 calories.
And if you are older than 65, you should have 300 calories.

3. Make your calculation taking into account the following:

If you lead a sedentary life, leave the calculation as it is.

If you do a light physical activity (walking 15 minutes, doing household chores and any work with little effort) add up to the above result 100 more calories.

If you do a moderate physical activity (go to the gym or dance 3 times a week) add 200 calories to the previous result.

If you perform an intense physical activity, to the previous result add 300 more calories.

caloriesKnow how many calories we should consume per day. Courtesy: Getty Images

With these calculations you will know how many calories your body needs to maintain your ideal weight, lose weight and even gain weight if you want, it all depends on what your goal.