The video shows us how it would be Mario Kart in real life and on a skateboard -
The video shows us how it would be Mario Kart in real life and on a skateboard -

The world of video production continues to grow in an impressive manner, and are not just the big production houses, but now any people equipped with an action camera, editing software and imagination, can assemble large productions with a level of quality never seen before.

A few months ago Corridor Digital platicaríamos them, yes, those who brought the reality that great video of Grand Theft Auto, which incidentally has already exceeded 19 million views on YouTube.Well these guys are back with an amazing production, which this time brings to reality the world of Mario Kart .

Mario Kart Skate

As we found in previous videos , productions by Corridor Digital are true works of art , requiring weeks between recording and post-production, but the result makes it worth every second spent on the project.

In this video a perfect mix between skate and makes the world of Mario Kart , where a skater appears to be Luigi and decided to compete in the streets of the city with his brother Mario. Of course we will encounter obstacles such as narrow roads surrounded by lava, Bullet Bill and a huge green shell.

Again the level of realism and sound quality is something noteworthy. Something that makes video look really spectacular, recording and editing at 60 fps with a camera GoPro Hero 4 , so the level of detail and is actually much higher, in addition to incorporating the effects are very well made .

If you want to see the behind the scenes and learn a little about the production of the video, then you have it:

Finally, as a bonus, this video reminded us another great moment of publishing. During the past winter Olympics in Sochi, Michael Shanks, a young enthusiast edition, he decided to take the final 500-meter speed skating and adapt it as if it were a contest of Mario Kart. The result is epic.


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