Marketing Content – Frequently Asked Questions And Answers (FAQ&A)


A blog is an essential element of a strategy based on content marketing.  I have just written on the subject but constantly receive the same doubts. The time has come to give some answers to frequently asked questions. [content marketing faq]

What is content marketing?

My definition is: “content marketing is the creation and dissemination of articles, photos, videos and business presentations not a specific topic with the aim of generating positive associations towards a brand, company, organization or person.

What is the benefit of a strategy that focuses on content marketing?

Over time, the reputation and image of being a reference in the chosen field is achieved. At the moment, there arises a need to hire commercial services related to the subject, an individual or organization that has established itself as a benchmark out as first choice products and customers reach their target audience without having to chase them.

Why content marketing work?

Content marketing rarely works because instead of selling you are looking to buy. The first step is having the confidence because for months or years have added much value without waiting (evidently) nothing in return. The magic word is “trust” that is the basis for each sale and is a competitive advantage over the competition eg bet for the best price.

What are the steps for an online strategy?

To give an overview: a strategy that focuses on this option must always plan for the long term because the results are not immediate. Running creation and dissemination of content has to be consistent and quality. To do this, you can create articles in a blog that give answers to questions of potential customers without having a commercial approach.

How long does it take to see results?

Although this question is impossible to answer because it depends on many factors’m going to get wet.Medium can easily take 1.5 years. There are cases that get it before others take longer and still many more that they give up false expectations by the way.

How much do I invest for content marketing work for me?

This is another really impossible questions that do not allow a good answer. To put you thrown give you some examples to give you an idea. In just 1.5 years, you’ve published more than 200 posts assuming half have published 2-3 times a week. By post, you have taken on average 1.5 hours (assuming that at first take long over but with practice increasingly less). With this information, you can calculate the cost of your time or if you do not do the cost of an editor freelance (in this case 20-50 € / post) or hire a journalist in your template.

Are there tricks to go faster than estimates so low cost?

Do not mess with content marketing if you need short-term results. In any case it is advisable to carry it out as a parallel strategy. Remember to devote priority and resources because Otherwise you will never get any benefit.

What are your questions about content marketing? Is it a strategy that works for you?