Marketing Staff: Build Your Reputation Online


Recruiter companies have made the Internet a tool to select or exclude applicants for a job. Therefore, it is necessary to work on creating a good reputation in the network using personal marketing techniques.

The  job search  is not an easy task. Especially when the labor demand is much higher than the available supply, generating candidates discerning when selecting new staff recruiters and become more competitive. To compete and stand out from other professionals seeking work, is needed excellent  personnel  marketing management

A first step to building a good reputation in the network passes to  ensure a good resume with which to capture the interest of the recruiter. The models and templates for creating your resume can serve as a guide to present a correct and proper your professional experience, your academic level and your knowledge applicable to a job (language courses, office automation, etc.). Have a    resume  proper striking the recruiter will inquire more about you via the Internet.

Building reputation in the network requires a first exercise in introspection. All personal brand must have some principles which rotate the other elements, values that should be in line with the demands of their profession. The personal brand must be honest and credible, with positive values that stand in our online activities aimed at a specific audience. Also, the disagreement is permitted, but always with respect for others and the different.

Regarding this point, you need  to design a common identity  in all areas of the Internet where we have a presence. It is not to create an alter “prefabricated” ego but give our best image towards digital media. Among other things, you need to choose a common image, maintaining a uniform style and tone in all areas, or define what aspects of our life show in front of an unknown audience. Other aspects to meditate are equivalent to the marketing of a product: backgrounds, logo or corporate colors of our personal brand in order to differentiate ourselves from other candidates.

The online visibility of our profile should be easily accessible for recruiters and appropriate to the type of occupation in which we are dedicated. The  social networks  can be an ally or the worst of our nightmares so we must decide what we want to have public presence networks and which pages are personal exclusive use and therefore completely private. The most common networks to show our professional profile are LinkedIn (looking to differentiate), Twitter (still active and creative) and Google+ (insert photo author).

Also, some jobs may be necessary and positive to have  a personal blog  to let you know that as a professional. The design of this space must be consistent with your principles and style of other online profiles to concentrate on your personal brand. Having this space requires a constant update, add own content and link to articles from outside sources to provide your target audience. As distinctive from other competitors, you can produce a video presentation, but is only recommended if you aspire to work with the public or jobs where you must speak to audiences.

The strategy must continue to advertise your space on the networks should not be intrusive and annoying advertising messages that are not the best way to attract a large audience to you. Marketing experts suggest the technique of ‘Inbound Marketing‘, whose main feature is the generation of interesting content to generate emotions and attract the targeted audience to our sites. To do this, you need to win over the audience with an editorial line, choice of themes, keywords and optimize the dissemination of our content on other platforms to win notoriety and influence.

Note that creating a personal brand on the net is not a sprint but a race to the bottom that we must work every day. Updates to our profiles on social networks and the creation of online content in the personal blog should be done regularly to gradually build online image we want to give. Also, do not be afraid to experiment, fail and correct for so you can find those contents and techniques that bring you closer to your audience and respond according to your intentions.

Finally, in parallel with the creation of our personal brand it is necessary to evaluate aspects such as  the online reputation  of our common profile. It is not an issue that can control 100% but lets us know the evolution of our personal brand, our influence in the professional field and the reputation of our content. Linked to this aspect is necessary to carry a  measuring and monitoring the results, keeping track of every online action. For this there are tools like Google Alerts, Reputation XL, Whos talking, BlogLevel or ‘Me on the Web’ to allow us to quantify our results in online marketing staff.