Mazda Wants To Be Able To Start The Car Remotely From Smartphone - -
Mazda Wants To Be Able To Start The Car Remotely From Smartphone - -

The mobile phone is increasingly present in our intelligent vehicles as a control center and interface of certain systems, which is why the car manufacturers have started in the last two years to incorporate some features very impressive and others whose real utility let me put in doubt.

The latest to join the party was Mazda , which has confirmed the launch of a remote management system for its Mazda6 and CX-5 models offered as strength, the ability to start the vehicle remotely from your smartphone , to go “warming up”.

Through an application for iOS and Android, the user can start the engine and let it run for 30 minutes before driving distance lighting also the air conditioning system to keep the cabin at will before arrival (this if I find it quite helpful).

Mazda Wants To Be Able To Start The Car Remotely From Smartphone - -

Of course you can also open and close the doors from the phone and know the state of the locks at a distance to make sure no one has come without our permission, and gives us the option to press an alarm button on the phone in case of intruders.

Finally, using the camera and GPS, Mazda offers a tracking system for car parking if we are of those forgetful we spent a long time wandering up to our vehicle.

Price and Availability

Mazda Mobile Start (MMS), which is the name of the invention, will be sold as an extra package for the Mazda6 and CX-5 models with automatic transmission first in the United States for $ 500 , amount to which one must add $ 65 plus annual subscription .

Via | Car and Driver

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