Metal Gear Solid V presents its latest trailer and gameplay before launch -
Metal Gear Solid V presents its latest trailer and gameplay before launch -

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is destined to be one of the best games of the year and even several years after its development carry more than five years because of all the complex functions that decided to add its creator Hideo Kojima.

During gamescom 2015 has presented a final pre-release video game trailer that much expectation has caused after the news of the departure of its creator, Hideo Kojima , the ranks of Konami, company for which development more than a dozen games related to this franchise.

A video more than 30 minutes gameplay was also revealed in the Mother Base , base of military operations that will help us to keep our army and prepare our future missions. In this gameplay we knew how to manage our bases in the most appropriate way so that we have the best team and the best technology and thus can be more successful in missions.

The most interesting video is definitely the way in which we invade and protect our Forward Operation Bases MMO which is a kind way we can attack and defend our bases and those of other players online using our entire arsenal and equipment.

This mode is totally unrelated to the competitive mode of Metal Gear Online will receive a delay that will no longer be made ​​available to users until October 6 for consoles and until January in the PC.

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