Michael Bloomberg - If you want to succeed, stop going to the bathroom - tinoshare.com
Michael Bloomberg - If you want to succeed, stop going to the bathroom - tinoshare.com

The mayor of New York and founder of Bloomberg billionaire, Michael Bloomberg , gave his short, personal advice for people who wants to succeed in business or career.

Michael Bloomberg says:

“Everybody has different opportunities in front of himself. Everyone has different skill sets they bring and of course luck plays an important role in the success. But you make your own luck. The harder you work, the luckier you get.

I’ve always tried to be the first to cross the door of the company in the morning and I was the last to leave at night. I had fewer holidays than the rest and was much less time than the rest in thebathroomor . resting to eat you have to be there.


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When I say this, everyone says: “Ohhh, that’s crazy,” but if you want to succeed, you can not control luck you have, or you can control how smart you are, but if there is something you can control, it is how hard we work. So that’s the first, hard work, because when I take a look back, people who have worked hard, in general have been more successful than spent a lot of time resting and going to the bathroom. What’s more, while you’re in the bathroom, many competitors you are ahead. ” In addition to this advice, also mentioned the importance of taking risks and the importance of not being persistent in your goals and fulfill your goals. And above all, never stop learning.

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