Microsoft Affiliate Program For All Products

Microsoft Affiliate Program For All Products -
Microsoft Affiliate Program For All Products -

Microsoft has presented an interesting initiative where it will allow everyone to be able to offer the company’s products and earn a commission for each one that is acquired. Everyone with a website that meets the quality requirements of Microsoft, can be part of this new affiliate program.

The products where Microsoft shares commission are varied, as they go from music, movies, and applications to hardware, gaming consoles, and more. The fees depend on the product, but some (like the tools of Visual Studio) are up 10%.

Another interesting thing is that Microsoft poses give/ earn commissions not only for the product that we would be promoting, but also by anyone other than the person to buy, provided they have reached our recommendation.

Continuing with this idea, purchases need not be at the time, because in most cases (except applications, movies and series) attribution remains for 14 days; that is, if a person sees our analysis of the Xbox One and buys five days later, we are still earning the commission.

Although it seems simple, this is a substantial change in the way Microsoft sells and relates to people.Undoubtedly, today the websites have a strong control over how and how much you sell a product, and therefore, this affiliate program is consistent with the way that people buy.