Microsoft launches preview version of its tool to convert iOS applications to Windows 10 -
Microsoft launches preview version of its tool to convert iOS applications to Windows 10 -

On July 30, Microsoft released Windows 10, a system that is expected to be the start of something big. In the time it is officially available ensures that is already installed on over 14 million computers, which demonstrates the interest of users for the new version. Along with this release Microsoft has released final version of its open source tool to convert iOS applications to Windows 10 versions.

This tool has launched Microsoft is the same as presented last April. Microsoft says that,  for developers to convert their applications versions of iOS or Android applications that support Windows 10 was achieved without effort , in what is a clear attempt to draw attention to any developer who already has an application in the App Store and / or the Google Play.

“We will launch iOS Bridge as an open-source project under the MIT license. Given the ambition of the project, making it easy for developers to create and run applications in Windows, it is important to note that today’s release is clearly a work in progress – some functions displayed are not yet prepared or are in an initial state . Anyway, we’d love to prove interested and curious Bridge and comparing what we are creating with the requirements of your application. […] We invite you to help us contribute to the project as contributors to the community – with fountain, testing, bug reports or comments code. We welcome any involvement to help build this bridge “

At present developers can make the necessary changes to bring their applications iOS to Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 compatible with x64 and x86 processors. Microsoft updated the tool in the future to be compatible with computers based on ARM chipsets.

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