Microsoft Shows How HoloLens Could Be A Great Tool To Train Doctors | Hi-Tech - Documentary - Medicine - -
Microsoft Shows How HoloLens Could Be A Great Tool To Train Doctors | Hi-Tech - Documentary - Medicine - -

Okay, in the field of mobile not stand with ball , but the future of Windows and Microsoft , associated with virtual experiences, is spectacular . I’m sure there will be limitations on the viewing angles, and that the things we always sell more beautiful than they are, but the experience is upon us with HoloLens already smells very special.

The project is one step ahead than other proposals in which each element is separately, and then you have to learn to conjugate, as a conductor . Microsoft proposes a helmet with own brain, and in it there is space for both augmented reality to the virtual. Today we have a new practical application related to medicine .

It was normal target shows to the world of video games, or very striking labor issues, is a way for us between the eyes, but which certainly has field ahead is in the field of education at the University.The tools that Microsoft brings to the table to teach parts of the human body and its functioning, are fantastic.Feel like become a doctor:

Microsoft is more realistic limitations

Different helmets in a room conducive to a learning system and collaborative work

One of the most interesting points of the show, compared to other we saw weeks ago, is that part of it is done in first person, from the point of view that takes the “spectacles”. 1:24 minutes we can see the above limitation of the field of view of the holographic projection , which is clearly delimited by a frame, and that Microsoft itself is not interested in disguise.

This is a promotional video, which anticipates where we will go the shots, so we can not get drunk on the idea without testing it, but that does not detract from the advance. It’s really interesting to see how students can learn anatomy HoloLens without books or computer screens, collaboratively .

It is clear that a device will not replace a doctor learning with real elements of the body, but is a dynamic form of study that can be repeated again and again, from any point where we can put some HoloLens without corpses through.

Apart from the demonstration, Microsoft has developed a scholarship program for researchers that take advantage of HoloLens. It intends to award $ 100,000 five groups that meet in October.