This week Microsoft is conducting the Worldwide Partner Conference for the 2015, in the city of Orlando . In one of the talks of this event, the company has made ​​an important announcement concerning the future of hybrid tablets Surface : Redmond soon multiplied the number of distributors that sell these devices.

Microsoft claims that the number of partners increased “from a couple hundred to several thousand” within a few months . And what’s best, this expansion in the distribution will be comprehensive , which opens the door for Surface will start selling in markets where it has so far been absent, such as Latin America.

These changes are mainly due to the strong demand that Microsoft is watching both the Surface and Surface Pro 3 3 as the Surface Hub, which even had to delay distribution because of the large number of orders we ended up with.

Unfortunately, the company still does not say anything against the desired Surface Pro 4 , so continuing uncertainty about when Microsoft launched the new version of its convertible tablet.

Via | Paul Thurrott

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