When we had some time without speaking of malware on Android, researchers at security firm ESET has sounded the alarm warning of two games to Android, Cowboy Adventure Jump Chess and who have been usurping Facebook credentials who They are the have been downloading.

This would not be a major problem, in fact both have been removed from Google Play, if it were not for the two got over a million downloads . The way in which stolen credentials was simple, include a fraudulent window to authenticate to the social network and that users introduce into it their identification data.

As explained by researchers, the games were written in C # using the Mono Framework, phishing code was hidden in the Tinker Account Library.dll file, communicated with the control server over HTTPS to send credentials. Fortunately there has been a lot of users that have not been fooled, especially considering that Android itself warned of their danger during installation.

Android and Safety


Android is the mobile operating system most widely used in the world, and as such it is normal that in turn also be one that has more problems with malware. It is precisely because it is less safe than others, but because to be the one with the largest number of users is chosen by those who want to take advantage of them.

It is quite possible that the malware strain most of what we believe in Google Play disguised as a game, so you should always take two or three basic security measures . And with read reviews, read the permissions for applications and be careful with downloads from unknown sources.

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