Monitor that can charge your mobile phone | Newest Samsung

Monitors that can charge your mobile phone | Newest Samsung -
Monitors that can charge your mobile phone | Newest Samsung -

We’re not quite sure if Samsung is a little desperate for attention with new monitors or if they seek to surprise users. The case is slowly showing new projects and monitor models that try to gain a foothold among the public by different merits. The last thing presented Samsung has hit us a lot, because they are not normal monitors, but have the ability screens that can charge the battery of our mobile remote wirelessly.

And we can not shout this “No one had thought to!”, Because it is so real that had not occurred to anyone. But was it really a necessity? The monitor does not look exactly the device that is most closely connected with our mobile, so it can get a little out of place the whole look of the phone charging . Of course, as we look it can make sense. That is, we spent the day working in front of the monitor, and that the same device can charge the phone can be a good idea at the end of the day.

In any event, the Samsung monitor , dubbed SE370, comes in two different screen sizes. The smallest model is 23.6 inches and the largest of 27 inches.

It is a high-performance monitor, good design and everything we expect from Samsung at this stage of life. The charging system has a base close to the screen where you can place the phone to begin to recover energy quickly. All wirelessly to provide good results to users. The base also has an LED light that warns us of the charging process, usual in this type of system.

SE370 and the only important thing is not only mobile wireless charging, I must say that the monitor has FreeSync AMD technology to increase performance. Users who are regulars gaming will take advantage of this technology to improve results. So we have a competent monitor in terms of play, good design, adequate benefits, we assume a price will be set in line with Samsung and, no less important, the presence of wireless technology.

In short, a monitor that would not hurt us to keep track if we benefit from the latest technology.