Moto Surround, new headphones that can accompany your training


Music is the company that all we usually choose when we go out running, cycling or make our favorite sport, therefore, the headphones are an almost indispensable gadget to take with us. Today we present Moto Surround, it is new headphones that can accompany your workout.

With a range of up to 12 hours of continuous playback, these headphones deliver a high-definition sound to accompany your training well, ensuring comfort use, thanks to its design based necklace and headphones go-ear .

Of course, they are resistant to water and sweat and can customize sound profiles to listen to music as you like. It also has controls on the right side of his collar, from which you can pause, play or skip a track without problems.


Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity and built-in microphone can make or receive calls without problems, the latter shall be notified by a vibration of the collar so that its sound alert will not disturb our ears.

Best of all this is universal headphones, so you can use them connected to our mobile Motorola or any Android or iOS device .

It is compatible with Motorola Connect application, which allows you to receive notifications of battery or use the “Find My Phone”, which identifies the location of the lost object on a map.

It is expected that the new sports headphones from Motorola hit the market at an estimated price $ 70 , but still does not know when nor at what price will arrive in Europe, therefore, we can only wait if we have a gadget like this that not only frees us from moving but also gives us quality music to accompany our training.

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