Must See | Dubai Aquarium | United Arab Emirates

Must See | Dubai Aquarium | United Arab Emirates -
Must See | Dubai Aquarium | United Arab Emirates -

Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world with its 10 million liters, 51 meters long by 20 meters wide and 11 meters high with a Guinness World Record. It is located on the ground floor of Dubai Mall, next to the Burj Khalifa.Pass through the tunnel gives us a panoramic view of 270 degrees and enjoy an amazing feeling of fascination surrounded by these aquatic animals.

Featuring over 140 species live in this tank 33,000 aquatic animals including 300 sharks, including the largest collection of sand tiger sharks and sting rays.Visitors have the chance to swim with sharks.

The Aquarium has an underwater zoo, the tour consists of three ecological zones: the living ocean, coastal cliffs and rainforest. awareness will be made on the conservation of the seas along the route and different aquatic animals like crocodiles, seals, penguins, piranhas, spider crabs, catfish giant, water rats, tiger fish, poison arrow frogs and lizards will be.