Must See | Dubai Creek | United Arab Emirates

Must See | Dubai Creek | United Arab Emirates -
Must See | Dubai Creek | United Arab Emirates -

In the history of the evolution of Dubai Creek, a commercial destination in the desert to the modern city it is today is plasma. Here the two sides come together united by the water. In the nineteenth century, the Maktoum family moved from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, which was then a small town next to a creek north of the capital.

The town prospered and development slowly spread to both sides of the cove. Industry pearling made money moved in the area and Dubai became famous for their ability to welcome immigrants from Western countries. But the emirate not commercially off until Dubai Creek was dredged in 1960 discovered oil and Abu Dhabi, which became the deepwater port of Dubai on a key punch machines imported enclave.

No need to go far to get a taste of what life was like in the channel a few decades ago. Between the Maktoum Bridge and the Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel, you can see the dhows (sailing vessels), which bind here every night for refueling and repairs. From the Radisson SAS hotel to the mouth of the inlet, the shores of Deira is full of boats unload goods of all kinds. Also Amazing for those who love golf!

A cruise on open is a must experience in Dubai Creek. Aboard these barges that travel the Cove side to side, you can see both modern glass towers and wind sensors (towers functioned as cooling elements of buildings) and minarets of the old Dubai. At the height of Maktoum Bridge can be seen the new marina of Dubai Creek Golf Club, with space for 300 yachts and the Yacht Club. Then, Creek widens to form curves and lagoon Al Khor, shelter of flamingos and other migratory birds.