Must See | Dubai Museum | United Arab Emirates

Must See | Dubai Museum | United Arab Emirates -
Must See | Dubai Museum | United Arab Emirates -

Located in the Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai Museum is composed of a series of galleries that trace the life of Dubai along its 4,000 years of history: from its origins sailors, through its pearling stage, the oil boom and finally the current building frenzy. The fort on which the city was founded was built to protect merchants invasions living at the mouth of the cove.

An old Flemish stuffed welcomes the galleries beneath the courtyard and have exhibits on archeology, desert, mosque, life in the cove and astronomy. Some mannequins depict the life of merchants and jewelers. The living architecture explains how windcatchers refreshed houses.

An exhibition on the Bedouin explains why water was a constant obsession.Another section reports on the desert ecosystem and how plants and animals survive at temperatures above 40 degrees in summer and only 120 mm of annual rainfall. But the most interesting section is the question of pearl divers. Worked in the region for 1,000 years and early twentieth century were about 300 dhows dedicated to the collection. The men moved to the banks of pearls (Al Hiraat) and plunged deep. They buze their teams were formed by a rope to emerge again, a stone of 5 kilos to stay, a basket-shaped grid and to cover his nose a turtle shell. The last gallery has pre-Christian objects found near Dubai bronze daggers, arrowheads or shell buttons.