Must See | The Incredible Path Of A Ball Thrown From Over 100 Meters

Must See - The Incredible Path Of A Ball Thrown From Over 100 Meters -

There are experiments related to physics really fascinating. Some are really simple to do and the results achieved are unbelievable at first. Have you ever thought about what happens when you throw a basketball over 120 meters high? If we drop nothing happens spectacular but if you throw spinning the effect changes.

Derek Muller has posted a video from which throws a basketball from the top of the dam. As you see, in the moment to launch with the path that performs rotation gives the feeling that the ball flies out. Of course, it has an explanation and to understand what is happening just have to take a look at the Magnus Effect .

A common phenomenon in the sports ball

and Called after the physical and chemical Heinrich Gustav Magnus, it is the physical phenomenon in which the rotation of an object affects the trajectory of the fluid through, if we see in the air video.When an object falls into rotation, a swirl of air movement in the direction of the current at which the ball is exposed is generated.

On this side it will increase speed while in the other movement direction opposite to the current produced and the speed will be decreased. Air pressure decreases from atmospheric pressure by an amount proportional to the square of the speed. That is, the pressure will be lower at one side causing a direction perpendicular to the airflow force.

Thus, it makes the current push at the ball and make it fly and move beyond what we might think at first . This effect is used to explain many strange movements in other sports where rotation balls are used, at first glance may seem strange but we are quite common such as kicking a soccer ball effect.