NASA has revised the design of the SLS, their most ambitious ship: Mars is one step closer -
NASA has revised the design of the SLS, their most ambitious ship: Mars is one step closer -

The SLS ( Space Launch System ) has just completed its first major test. If all goes as expected at NASA, this will be the most sophisticated spacecraft built by man in the time to be completed. In fact, one of the tasks will be entrusted to carry the first Mars astronauts go on a space mission organized by NASA.

Much remains to be done, but the SLS has overcome a major obstacle: the critical design review .Thirteen separate teams of NASA engineers and scientists constituted by this organization have spent almost three months in a thorough review of the 1000 documents, not pages detailing all the peculiarities of the design of the ship and its propulsion system. But the next test will be here soon.

SLS: the most spectacular ship

As complex as designing a spacecraft capable of carrying humans to Mars should be supervised by project experts have not participated in it because they can detect errors that have not been covered by the original designers. For this reason, now you review these documents a panel of independent and unrelated to the SLS program experts. And dictate what will be weighed by the Marshall Center and the Board of Directors of Human Exploration Operations NASA.

Once the design of the SLS has passed all of these revisions, will begin construction of the ferry.And it will be really spectacular. You use four RS-25 engines have a height of 98 m and two auxiliary propulsion engines for solid fuel height of 54 m. But these are just two strokes of what will be the SLS.

Some interesting dates in the roadmap which manages NASA are 2025 will be the year in which the SLS could conduct a manned exploration mission , and 2030, when the spacecraft will take his most ambitious configuration, and possibly which carried astronauts to Mars. It certainly is a very exciting project that we possibly will bring many surprises.

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