NASA shows the mining robot that will go to Mars

NASA shows the mining robot that will go to Mars

Getting to Mars is a challenge, there’s no doubt, but to assemble and maintain a colony there is an even greater challenge, especially since we have to learn to live and take advantage of the resources that the red planet put at our disposal.

In this sense the mining robot just introduced the NASA will have a major role and will certainly be a key element in the idea of colonizing Mars, because facilitate the extraction of resources from the planet’s surface.

What we see in the video is known as Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot (RASSOR), a mining robot with all the letters as we see has an impressive and very far from presenting design “sensitive” rover that have been used in the space exploration.

Thanks to its construction is able to withstand harsh working conditions and can work under almost nonexistent gravity reliably, a detail which, combined with its ability to climb and turn around when dropped it a “bug SUV” .

Perhaps one can not help thinking that we have not yet reached Mars and are already thinking about exploring, but we must be realistic and be clear from the outset that guarantees to colonize with no other option.