New Business Ideas List 2016 – 2017 (Part II)

New Business Ideas List 2016 – 2017 (Part II) -

This is the continuation of our post: List of Business Ideas 2016 – 2017 where I shared some of the most interesting proposals that can be considered for this year. [Read part one : New Business Ideas List 2016 – 2017 (Part I) ]

I have searched business ideas; that besides having good income potential can also be implemented quickly and with a moderate investment that any entrepreneur can muster.

Business Ideas List 2016 (II):

16. Sale of perfume

A perfume has to do with the marketing of several ranges of perfumes, which offers alternatives for all tastes. There are variations of this business idea and you can sell the original or generic product well. The latter also tends to be very interesting as it is sold at a very good price. To start as a distributor should consider investing in a product of a minimum of $ 8,000 to $ 10,000 to fill your local well more investment in infrastructure and legalization of business.

17. Wedding Agency

Agencies wedding planning usually more profitable each day because the spouses are increasingly opting to hire these services to be minimized headaches and money in planning your wedding event.
To work in this field is needed specialize in decoration and adapt to the preferences of the bride and groom to provide excellent customer service units.

18. Rental clothes for parties

A trend that makes very good money has to do with renting the suits for weddings, graduations and celebrations in general that in itself usually very are expensive and most often only used once. To open this type business you must invest about $ 10,000 and have a spacious and nicely decorated place to display clothing. Garments which certainly should fill in a variety of sizes.

19. SPA hotel/place for dogs

Most people who have dogs at home spend all day at work and often leave pets alone at home. Therefore, establishing a hotel/place and cater to these customers canine is a good market opportunity. The investment to start a business in this industry is investing approximately $ 8,000 to condition the local and recruiting suitable staff for animal care.

20 – Embroidered shirts

Businesses and all people at some point need tailored clothing identified with the symbol of their organization. This market can be very productive if you know how to be creative and handle it very well. The initial investment to implement in this business idea and starting a business of embroidered fabric is to acquire machines for embroidery as well as raw material and personnel to operate the business. Approximately $ 15,000.00.

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