Nikon introduces two standard super telephoto lenses and a luminous -
Nikon introduces two standard super telephoto lenses and a luminous -

The Japanese automaker today introduced three new objectives in Barcelona in its ultra-luminous lense: NIKKOR 24-70mm f / 2.8E ED VR , the NIKKOR 24mm f / 1.8G ED and the NIKKOR 200-500mm f / 5.6E ED VR . With these three new products, the brand is committed to a renewal of his classic 24-70mm and includes other ultraluminoso your target range of fixed ƒ / 1.8 and submit a new super telephoto lens very attractive constantly open to nature and sports photographers.

FX NIKKOR 24-70mm f / 2.8E ED VR

First let’s talk about the Nikkor 24-70mm, an objective which indicated from Nikon is the most widely used family of Nikkor and has undergone a complete renovation of its facilities from which is filed in August 2007 by the Nikon D3 .

This bright lens will now have better overall performance, including improved optical construction and the renewal of one electromagnetic diaphragm and the inclusion of Silent Wave Motor which according to the press release, it increases the focusing performance by 50% over its predecessor.

In addition, Nikon included in this renewal a stabilizer which could offset up to four full shutter speed steps, reinforcing the longest part of the target.

FX NIKKOR 24mm f / 1.8G ED

Nikon introduces two standard super telephoto lenses and a luminous -

Turning to the second ultraluminous standard, we talk about this new 24mm ƒ / 1.8. A composite by 20mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm justifying the difference in length between 20 and 28mm, with the advantage that a DX users can avail of this objective FX with its classic range conversion 35mm lens.

This objective, less ambitious professionally, makes it lighter and more compact, with a performance that ensure from Nikon, is constant and quality from the center to the corners , in a building of 12 elements in nine groups. The addition of two ultra-low dispersion ED elements, two aspherical lenses and Nano Crystal coating makes the lens is performing well around the table, one of the main advantages when it comes to fixed obejtivos.

FX NIKKOR 200-500mm f / 5.6E ED VR

Nikon introduces two standard super telephoto lenses and a luminous -

Finally, we review the bright super-telephoto Nikon presented to us today, an impressive 200-500mm opening ƒ / 5.6 constant that could be an interesting bet for nature lovers or sports with tight budgets.

The construction of 19 elements in 12 groups includes three ultra low dispersion ED elements to control chromatic aberrations besides the stabilization VR in this case 4.5 promises compensate steps shutter speed with SPORT mode for horizontal sweeps quality.

Reference is made to its modest character thanks to its openness, which despite being constant does this telephoto cross thread when it comes to the budget, which could be interesting for fans or sporadic professionals in this type of pictures.

As for the availability and price of the presented objectives, you do not have any information. We will update this foot as they become available.

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